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"Where's my Minority Report?"


Minority Report is a Steven Spielberg directed film based on a short story by Philip K. Dick. It stars Tom Cruise as the main character John Anderton, the Chief of the Pre-Crime cops, whose job it is to prevent murders before they occur. To do this they use the help of three beings known as pre-cogs who it is inferred in the film, are the by-product of a genetic research experiment. These pre-cogs have the ability it seems to telepathically read the thoughts of murderers while they are committing or even pre-meditating the crime, and more fantastically, the ability to see into the future. The pre-cogs rest perpetually in a bath of some kind of conducting liquid, while wired up to a machine which reads their thoughts. It is the job of the pre-crime cops to correctly interpret the data retrieved from the pre-cogs and coordinate capture of the ‘criminal before ce commits the crime. Danny Witwer (played wonderfully by Colin Farrell), is sent by the Attorney General of the United States to investigate the pre-crime division for flaws, which at first seems strange due to the 100% success of the division; not a single murder has been committed in six years since the scheme has been active in the District of Columbia. It soon becomes clear that uncovering human errors is Witwer’s main objective.

The eye-dentiscans scan the iris.

We see plenty of cool toys and action in Minority Report. There are everything from A.I. controlled cars, to credit card sized video players, and walking spider-robots with eye scanners. Minority Report doesn't push anything too revolutionary in terms of special effects, but the effects employed are top notch. Minority Report also has some great action and chase scenes. What is more intense than being on the run in a futuristic society with eye scanners at every corner that can identify you? While John Anderton is on the run to determine who has framed him, he is chased through a car manufacturing plant, flies around with a jet pack, and jumps from car to car on a road that runs vertically. Although the effects and action are incredible, they are not an attempt to steal from the quality of the story itself. On the contrary, Spielberg has done a superb job of making the special effects, action, and acting compliment the story.

Rapid response cop-ter

Minority Report captures something that has been lost in many Science Fiction films: The ability to make you think. Sadly, most moviemakers have come to the conclusion that a few new gadgets is all that is needed to make a good Science Fiction film. This conclusion has produced movies with dazzling special effects, but no depth. Minority Report on the other hand catches the true spirit of Science Fiction with its thought-provoking plot. It raises several moralistic, philosophical, and metaphysical questions not intrinsically related, but seamlessly blended together to create a dynamic and compelling but poignant storyline. While a bill is going to Congress to make Pre-Crime nationwide, Detective John Anderton, the lead detective of the Pre-Crime division, is predicted to commit a murder. Not knowing who, where, and how he is supposed to kill, Anderton goes on the run believing that he is being set up. Anderton sets out to discover how the Pre-cogs predict acquired their gifts and if they could ever be wrong. His discoveries make for a very intricate plot that causes the viewer to ask themselves some tough questions...



Tom Cruise's eyes in a plastic bag!!

Cruise uses his old eyes to open locks!!

In the land of the blind...the one eyed man is King!

Anderton escapes.


Essay Submitted 17 November 2003

by Dorayaki


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