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This page features some interesting articles about linguistics. Linguistics covers historical, social, pragmatic, neurological and cultural issue relating to language usage.
12 December 2003

Patwa in contrast with Standard English

West Indian Creoles have existed as languages since africans were brought to work in the plantations of the Caribbean. Jamaican Creole or 'Patwa' is one of the most common WI Creoles and has unique characteristics that distinguish it from English.

Borrowed, but not returned

What makes the English language so strong on a global scale, is its willingness to borrow terms from other languages. This salient characteristic of English has been going on for almost two millenia. Even if you speak only English, you may be suprised at how many foreign tongues you can really speak.

How to pronounce 'ghoti'... and why.

This article was written to draw attention to various inconsistencies in English spelling.

An hilarious parody of the history of English.

An hilarious brief parody of the history of English. Owen Alun and Brendan O'Corraidhe wrote this article. Beneth its irreverence, are snippets of truth. It highlights the illogical nature of English spelling and pronunciation while maintaining a homourous air.


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